About Your New Houston Public Media

What is Houston Public Media?

Houston Public Media is more than our new name. It’s your single source for content that covers the many voices, viewpoints, and formats you can count on. We brought together the Houston Public Broadcasting stations—KUHT Channel 8, News 88.7 FM and Classical 91.7 FM, along with online platforms, to make quality programming more accessible to the community.


So, what do I call my favorite services now?

Beginning March 1, 2014 we became Houston Public Media. Under our new brand, you’ll find the individual services you already know as TV 8, News 88.7 and Classical 91.7.


Could you help me understand why you changed your name?

Houston Public Media is the completion of a vision to bring all of Houston’s public broadcasting and online services together into one single source. This allows for greater efficiency and richer content via production collaborations between TV, radio, and the Internet. It also improves our organization’s administrative efficiency to allow even more dollars to support the programs you love.


How long have the changes been in the works?

The organization has been operating as one entity since October, 2011, a decision authorized by the Houston Public Media Board and the University of Houston Board of Regents. Our recent re-branding and combining of membership, content, production and the business functions is simply the final step in the process.


How will audiences and members of Houston Public Media benefit from the consolidation?

The advantages to Houston Public Media audiences and members are many including:

Easier connections – Houston Public Media is on the air, online, at home and everywhere 24/7, with content tailored for easy access and maximum enjoyment on any device – from tablet to computer to mobile device. And there’s a single source for everything-- houstonpublicmedia.org.

A single source for quality content  Audiences will find their favorite stations and programs in the same places, with shows they love and trust, plus more chances to pursue their interests and passions throughout Houston Public Media. And, houstonpublicmedia.org will allow you to explore many different aspects of our key content areas—News, Arts and Culture, and Education. 

More local stories and voices- Houston Public Media is expanding our commitment to produce and present the best of local arts programming, cultural coverage, and human-interest stories. Five dedicated news desks along with the Arts & Culture unit are covering more of the local stories and issues that shape our daily lives on the Gulf Coast.


Will it impact my favorite shows?

No, you will find your favorite shows right where they were, in the same places you’ve always found them. We’re making it easier to get more enjoyment out of them by providing richer content on our website.

We hope the content and the improved design provides you more opportunities to explore your interests across all of Houston Public Media’s offerings. 


What is this new logo?

The new logo features a graphic element inspired by the vapor trail of a jet or rocket. The signature logo color is red and supported with a vibrant color palate. The design symbolizes the endless path of discovery that Houston Public Media makes available through quality, independent programs that offer context and views that go beyond the ordinary and allow our audiences to engage more fully with the wonders and challenges of our world.


How does this effect membership?

All supporters of Houston Public Media will now have one single membership in the station to contribute to all of the ways that public media supports our community.

This will enable Houston Public Media to put more funding towards inspirational and informative programs. Because the station won’t be mailing out as many reminders, it allows member contributions to go further in creating such programs. With today’s multi-platform multi-media content, it is harder and harder to put content in traditional radio or television categories. Many of our local stories are on air and online, but if you want your membership to be directed to a specific initiative or objective, we are happy to help you direct your gifts with your passion. 


Will membership levels remain the same?

We hope your gifts help fuel our growth a little more each year. Just as household expenses increase, Houston Public Media’s do, too. We know you will do what you can. We would hope that $40 per year would be a great place to start but will accept your gift of any size with appreciation.


Any other changes members might notice?

After studying the usage of the member card by Houston Public Media members, we have elected to discontinue this program. Members will still receive occasional special offers through email, and we encourage you to share your email address with us to make sure you’re on the list to receive weekly program highlights as well as special membership offers. We do not share your email address with other companies. Speaking of weekly program highlights, we are launching a new weekly e-newsletter in April. It will help you stay informed about all of the shows, programs and events with Houston Public Media. Stay tuned. 


Why is my tax receipt from “Houston Public Media”?

All donation acknowledgements have been redesigned and streamlined, and have been branded as Houston Public Media, beginning in March. Like many other organizations, we have moved to sending acknowledgements and tax receipts all together immediately after your gift. Sustainers and those making regular installment gifts will still receive an annual tax letter.


How can I reach you?

Our singular membership phone number (713.743.7383), our new website, and just one email address (membership@houstonpublicmedia.org). The other number you may need is our main phone number: 713-748-8888.


What else should I know?

For more than 60 years we have been companions in your life – good company on your commute, a positive influence for kids as they grow, and a source for trusted, meaningful dialogue and world class entertainment.

Now, as Houston Public Media we are ready to serve our community as never before as we enter this new era. The best is yet to come as we take you above and beyond-- on the air, online, at home and wherever you are. 


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