A Message from Our General Manager

To go beyond the ordinary. That’s why you come to Houston Public Media – for television that has the power to inspire as well as entertain – for news that brings insight to your day – for music that speaks to the heart.

For more than 60 years, the services you’ve known as Channel 8 TV and KUHF and KUHA radio have been companions in your life – good company on your commute, a positive influence for kids as they grow, and a source for trusted, meaningful dialogue and world class entertainment.

Today Houston Public Media takes another step forward as we bring public television, news and music together to better serve you in the life you lead.

One Houston Public Media will deliver a more diverse set of programs to enrich your life and deliver you to places beyond the ordinary.

One Houston Public Media will meet you where you are, with greater access not only over the air, but also on your computer and on the go.

One Houston Public Media will enrich and deepen your experience, bringing a renewed focus to the priorities of our region: Arts and Culture; Education; News and Information.

Our new logo represents the endless path of discovery that we have set out upon together to create intelligent, independent programs freely available for anyone who shares a keen desire to learn, explore, and engage more fully with the wonders and challenges of our community, nation, and the wider world beyond.

I can’t thank you enough for your support on this important journey. And I look forward to the future as we reach towards a new era of service to the people of this community – an era that will allow us all to discover and grow like never before.


Lisa Trapani Shumate

Executive Director, General Manager and proud supporter

Houston Public Media

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